Welcome to the corporate website for the Society for Creative Anachronism in Australia (SCA Ltd, ABN 13 117 403 648). This site is designed to provide information on the company’s policies, procedures and corporate governance. (Information relating to recreating medieval activities and experiences can be found on the Kingdom of Lochac website, or by finding your local group via the postcode search at the bottom of this page.)

Mission Statement:

To research and present in Australia, activities and events based on pre-17th century Western European Culture.

Values and Diversity Statement

The Society for Creative Anachronism strives to reproduce the best of what the medieval and renaissance world has to offer. Based on the re-enactment of the physical culture of Western Europe during this period, it seeks to embrace all cultures that were in contact with Western Europe before the 17th century.

Fundamental to the SCA is the expectation that we will reflect the best of the historic virtues of honour and courtesy in our interactions with each other, employing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants and others through live events and other educational venues. As such we celebrate and encourage a breadth and diversity of cultures and lifestyles. We are also a reflection of the best and most welcoming aspects of the modern world, committing to celebrating equity, diversity, and inclusiveness.

We promote social equity and diversity in all activities including but not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, national origin, socioeconomic class, religion, and professional status. We ask that all participants respect this as a requirement for participation.


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