Welcome to the corporate website for the Society for Creative Anachronism in Australia (SCA Ltd, ABN 13 117 403 648). This site is designed to provide information on the company’s policies, procedures and corporate governance. (Information relating to recreating medieval activities and experiences can be found on the Kingdom of Lochac website, or by finding your local group via the postcode search at the bottom of this page.)

Information on this site includes:

News: Updates and other important information.

StructureWhat SCA Ltd is; Job descriptions for the TreasurerBoard Members, and the Stock Clerk.

Documents: Code of ConductInsurance information; corporate Operating Documents (including Constitution and Affiliate Agreements); and Policies and Procedures.

Meetings: Minutes and other details relating to Board meetings as well as the AGM and other general meetings.

Financials: required public disclosure end of year reports and GST information.

Membership: Information on joining the SCA, membership services and projects.

Contact Us: Details for the officers of SCA Ltd, including details for the Stock Clerk.

Looking for e-Pegasus, our monthly newsletter? If you are a current member, it is available by logging into our Membership Services section. If it is your first visit, you will be given an opportunity to request a password.